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Why Your Next Summer Vacation Should Be a Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach is the quintessential summer vacation. While simply being by the ocean can evoke feelings of relaxation and calm, a dip in the sea can have even greater health benefits for our skin and body.  The countless benefits of the sea have been long revered by cultures around the world. Thalassotherapy, the therapeutic use of the seawater has been utilized for its remarkable health effects since the mid 1800s. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a trip to the ocean this summer.


Skin Health

Arguably seawater’s greatest health benefit directly affects the skin. According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, magnesium-rich sea water promotes the retention of moisture in the skin. Furthermore, research supports that seawater is good for some skin conditions such as psoriasis -- the salt and potassium chloride found naturally in sea water ‘seals’ the damaged skin and speeds up the healing process.

Valuable Nutrients

By containing vital elements, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and living microorganisms, seawater can produce antibiotic and antibacterial effects to help promote a healthier body and healthier immune system. Similar to that of human blood plasma, components of seawater can be easily absorbed by the body while swimming.


In addition to the aerobic benefits of swimming, doing so in seawater may help facilitate the circulation of blood in your body. It can help restore essential minerals depleted by stress, a poor diet and environmental poisons.

Cold Water

While warm seawater can have soothing, calming, and therapeutic effects, cold seawater has its upside as well. According to Michael Tipton, professor of human and applied physiology at Portsmouth University, “The cold sensors also trigger a sudden burst of adrenaline that diverts our attention away from our aches and pains, creating the feel-good factor. It’s effectively a natural painkiller.” In addition, exposure to cold seawater over time can improve how our bodies handle other physiological stresses.


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