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Giving Tuesday

Today, November 28 is #GivingTuesday, a day of global giving and a great opportunity to give back! There are so many amazing organizations to choose from, but we’ve put together a list of organizations that we think are doing great work to help preserve our oceans, an initiative that is essential to The Seaweed Bath Co.’s values. 

  1. Ocean Society- The Ocean Society have been supporting research and conservancy of our oceans since 1969. They have focused their efforts in three areas: protecting marine life, creation of marine managed areas, and blue habits (i.e. cleaning up plastics and educating the public through marine experiences to develop respect for our oceans).
  2. Surfrider Foundation - This organization helps influence and champion policy that protects our coasts and oceans. In addition, they have six programs that help cultivate these efforts through awareness and education. SIX! Their Rise Above Plastics program seeks to minimize the use of plastics in our home since tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year harming both plant and animal life. They have one program that monitors the quality of ocean waters and organize Ocean cleanups regularly.
  3. The Ocean Conservancy - The Ocean Conservancy works to create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean. The organization is working to fight against the acidification of the ocean through educational and scientific monitoring efforts. The Ocean Conservancy has also been funding Gulf Cleanup efforts since the BP oil spill. Yes, there is still damage from this spill and still much to be done! In addition, they also support sustainable fisheries to foster healthy ecosystems to protect both fishermen’s livelihoods and vulnerable fish species.
  4. Mission Blue- Through education and public outreach efforts, Mission Blue seeks to inspire action to protect our oceans. Mission Blue, led by a leading Oceanographer has established Hope Spots, new marine protected areas all over the globe through coalition and public awareness efforts.
  5. Oceana is dedicated to both protecting and restoring oceans globally. Oceana both funds scientific research of our oceans so they can educate and raise awareness about what is impacting and changing our oceans. In addition, they rally support for change in policy in countries that deliver nearly 25% of the world’s wild marine fish catch. Their policy goals seek to increase marine biodiversity, restoring ocean abundance and protect habitats and ecosystems.  

Please join us in protecting our oceans!

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