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A Guide to a Better Beard

Okay guys, listen up: It’s time to get serious about your grooming routine.  We’ve put together a guide to achieve a better beard.


Remember, under that beard is skin that needs to be nourished and treated like the rest of your facial care. Using a mild exfoliant 2-3 times a week to get to the skin underneath your beard can help prevent rashes, ingrown hairs, or other skin irritation. It can also remove dead, dry skin cells from your beard and promote healthy hair growth. 

Keep it clean.

Your beard carries germs and bacteria and maybe even, ahem, crumbs and scent. While bacteria is normal on skin and hair, it’s important to wash your beard 2-3 times a week to promote healthy hair growth and to neutralize odors.  Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair can be an odor trapper. Try a moisturizing shampoo that will both cleanse and condition those coarse hairs on your chin.

Trim it up.

Keeping that beard sculpted is key. It doesn’t matter how long or short your beard is, but you should sculpt your beard by trimming it to a similar shape to your natural jaw line. Keeping up with the occasional trim also helps to promote healthy hair growth and avoid split-ends.


Whether you reach for a bear balm or oil, you should pick up one of these products to keep your beard and skin underneath your beard moisturized. Balms are typically thicker, take longer to absorb into the skin and hair and give a matte finish. Beard oils tend to absorb more quickly and leave hair with a shinier finish than balms. For best results, follow the recommended application instructions on your beard balm or oil as to how many times a day or week the product should be applied.

Brush it out.

Use a small beard comb or brush to brush your beard. Just like the hairs on your head, you should brush your beard every day. This allows natural oils and beard oil to be evenly distributed throughout your whiskers. Additionally, it helps to tame wild hairs into submission.

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