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Relax and Enjoy Life

With all the bad news on the television, in the papers and in life in general, we need to add some optimism, happiness and enthusiasm to our lives. As Dr. Oz says in one of his columns: “The last thing we all need right now is another doom-and-gloom headline. So try this mantra as an antidote: Good times are coming.”

Think good thoughts, practice good thoughts, and pass them on to others. Let go of negativity and see what it does for your health…and your skin! Remember those adolescent breakouts and skin irritations that erupted when we worried about that big test…or that even bigger date? Well, even as we become adults, breakouts and skin irritations are still waiting to show up again when we stress out. In fact, because stress affects your immune system, doctors have long suspected that there are links between stress and both psoriasis and eczema. So try to relax, be positive and take relaxing measures, such as meditation, just a few minutes of quiet time or even a soothing hot bath. These actions can lead to a more positive attitude and a feeling of well-being. And if you feel better, and look better, you’ll enjoy life to the fullest!

It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy – if you make yourself see the brighter side of life, you’ll enjoy life more – and your health will follow right along.

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