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The Correlation (or Lack Thereof) Between Weight Loss and Exercise

Many of us fixate on how to drop those extra unwanted pounds and push ourselves to run that extra mile or spend more time in the gym. However, according to an article published yesterday in The Observer, spending more (or any) time in the gym may not be the answer for losing weight. A growing body of research in the US and the UK indicates that there is little correlation between working out and weight loss. The Mayo Clinic reports that, generally, studies “have demonstrated no or modest weight loss with exercise alone” and that “an exercise regimen…is unlikely to result in short-term weight loss beyond what is achieved with dietary change.”

However, if you are going to put the dumbbells down, make sure you put the donuts down too. According the article, a more effective way to decrease your weight is to reduce your calorie intake.

This blog and the article in NO WAY promote that you bring your daily (or weekly) exercise routine to an end. The benefits of exercise are undeniable. One bonus: exercise maximizes that amount of weight you lose as fat rather than tissue. Working out also improves your health, your state of mind, and even your skin. Regular exercise, when done properly, is beneficial to both psoriasis and ezcema sufferers.

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