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Massage for Psoriasis

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Just because you have psoriasis does not mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. Massage can help to ease joint pains and relieve stress that can trigger psoriasis. However, before you schedule your next massage, there are important things a psoriasis sufferer must keep in mind. recently posted an article providing useful tips for psoriasis sufferers who wish to treat their bodies to a massage:

1. Select a trained, experienced massage therapist who can provide a safe, effective massage.

2. Communicate with your therapist, informing him or her about your psoriasis and any special needs you may have. Make sure you talk to your therapist about your psoriasis and how he or she intends to modify the massage based on your condition. Remember that many people, including trained massage therapists, may be unfamiliar with psoriasis. Be prepared to answer questions about psoriasis and explain that it is not contagious.

3. Inform the therapist about any problem areas or inflammation prior to start the massage. Throughout the massage, continue to communicate with the therapist about any sensitivities, pain or irritation.

4. Do not overdo it. It is difficult to predict how massage will affect a certain individual. Massage is known to increase blood flow to the skin, which could cause a flare-up. Until you know how massage will affect your body and your psoriasis, keep the massages to a minimum.

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