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Can Text Messaging Improve Eczema Management?

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Eczema is a very difficult skin disease that affects millions of Americans. However, in our busy lives, many of us have difficulty adhering to our skin regimens or maintaining a healthy lifestyle to manage our skin irritations. According to the Wall Street Journal, scientists at the Center of Connected Health believe they may have found a way to help ezcema sufferers manage their condition: text messaging.

Although the pilot study was small and did not have a control group, researchers at the Center of Connected Health found a significant improvement in self-reported adherence, self-case behaviors, disease severity and quality of life as a result of text messaging over a six week period. Automated text messages were sent to eczema sufferers reminding them to take their medications or otherwise manage their condition.

Why was text messaging so helpful? According to Joseph Kvedar, director of Center of Connected Health, people simply forget to take their medications or otherwise manage their eczema. By sending daily reminders and educational messages, participants received that extra push they needed.

Not a fan of text messaging? What about setting a daily alarm or calender appointment to remind you to take a few minutes out of your day to manage your eczema.

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