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Vacations for Your Skin: Celtic Seaweed Baths in Ireland

Ireland beach. The Seaweed Bath Co.

For your next vacation, consider a trip to Ireland. Besides its uncompromising beauty and friendly people, Ireland offers a unique spa experience for irritated skin sufferers: Celtic seaweed baths. Dotting the coast of Ireland, seaweed spas have become an Irish tradition. These spas offer seaweed baths, which just as the name suggests, consist of warm seawater and seaweed, offering a unique and therapeutic bathing experience. As you soak in the bath, unique minerals are released from the seaweed into the warm water, which heal the body inside and out. Seaweed baths are excellent for psoriasis and eczema sufferers, as the seaweed hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The iodine in the seaweed balances the body’s Ph levels and fights off disease. There are countless spas in Ireland. Soak Seaweed Baths, Kilcullen Seaweed Baths, and Voya Seaweed Baths in Ireland all offer traditional celtic seaweed baths as well as a variety of seaweed-based treatments.

Aer Lingus (Ireland’s national airline) provides non-stop flights to Dublin, Shannon, and Belfast from New York (JFK), Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Baltimore. American Airlines flies directly to Dublin and Shannon from New York (JFK), Boston and Chicago. Delta Airlines flies directly to Dublin and Shannon from Atlanta and New York (JFK). Continental Airlines flies directly to Dublin, Shannon, and Belfast from Newark.

For travel tips, we recommend Frommer’s Guide to Ireland, available at

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