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Healthy Diet: Doing without Dairy

Milk Glass. The Seaweed Bath Co.Many of us grew up drinking milk every day. Milk tasted so good and promised us strong bones. However, these days, many health experts suggest that psoriasis and eczema sufferers should limit their dairy intake.

While this advice may be too hard to swallow (pun intended) for many milk and ice cream lovers, an incredible variety of dairy alternatives are on the market today that will satisfy any milk-lover’s cravings.

While soy milk has been around for a while now, the list of delicious non-dairy alternatives is growing. We prefer organic almond milk (Blue Diamond makes an excellent vanilla almond milk that is soy-free) found at our local health foods store in our cereal and coffee in the morning. However, you can also find various rice milks and coconut milks at many grocery stores. These milks can be used in coffee, cereal, shakes and smoothies. We often substitute almond milk for regular milk in our favorite recipes.

And when it comes to those ice cream cravings, fret not: many supermarkets now offer a variety of soy, rice and coconut ice creams (we prefer the delicious coconut ice creams made by CoconutBliss and Purely Decadent).

So next time you are in the grocery store, be bold, be daring: reach for a non-dairy alternative. Your skin may thank you.

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