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Amazing Argan Oil: Why You Should Try It

Argan Seeds. The Seaweed Bath Co.

Looking for a new oil to soothe your irritated skin? Give argan oil a try. You will not only help your skin, but you will also support fair trade working cooperatives and reforestation projects in Morocco.

Helping Your Skin

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil naturally comforts and nourishes dry, irritated skin, and can improve the condition of skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema.

Never heard of argan oil? This may be because it is relatively new to the United States and is only produced in Morocco, where it is extracted from one of the rarest trees in the the world: the Argania Spinosa Tree.

Argan oil can be applied from head to toe to moisturize the hair, skin and nails. Argan oil is also believed to have powerful anti-aging properties.

Making a Difference

For centuries, Berbers (the indigenous people of Morocco) collected argan nuts to create the nutty oil used in cooking and cosmetics. Today, Berber women are still responsible for producing ALL argan oil sold, and they do so in fair trade working cooperatives.

These cooperatives have started an ecosystem reforestation project to preserve the argan forest. The cooperatives are working in partnership with the Moroccan Water and Forests Authorities to allow optimal tree growth, plant argan nurseries, and create education programs. Notably, Unesco has designated the 10,000-square-mile argan tree region as a biosphere reserve.

Have you tried argan oil on your hair or skin?

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