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Managing Your Stress (and Your Skin) During This Holiday Season

A woman Holds Christmas gift. The Seaweed Bath Co.

There is no doubt that a common trigger of skin flareups is stress…especially during the busy holiday season. Whether its from catering to the in-laws, cooking the “perfect” holiday meal or fighting the ferocious store crowds for last-minute Christmas gifts. For irritated skin sufferers, it is especially important to take steps to avoid holiday stress whenever possible so that you have an enjoyable and healthy holiday. One of the best ways to combat holiday stress is to acknowledge potential sources and avoid them.

Today, posted an article entitled: 9 Signs You’re Headed for a Holiday Meltdown, which identifies 9 common sources of seasonal stress and suggests helpful ways to combat them. Our favorite pieces of advice: take time for yourself and to do holiday activities you enjoy and reach out to a support system to delegate tasks to lighten your load.

We feel better already! Check out the article here.

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