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The Buzz on Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack. The Seaweed Bath Co.

What do Dr. Mehmet Oz and Kim Kardashian have in common?  They both appreciate the benefits of Bladderwrack seaweed! In Touch magazine reports that Kim uses The Seaweed Bath Co. products to manage her psoriasis and Dr. Oz shared with his audience the benefits of nutrient-rich Bladderwrack seaweed in treating cellulite, obesity, dry skin, and arthritis.  Brown bladderwrack seaweed is one of the top three ingredients in all of the products in The Seaweed Bath Co. line.  We like it so much we even named the company after it! Of the three types of seaweed – brown, green, and red – the brown contains the highest concentration of minerals.  These trace minerals detoxify, condition and soothe dry, irritated skin and help to diminish the symptoms of severely irritated skin without the chemicals and steroids often found in traditional remedies.  Bladderwrack seaweed brings an alkalitic balance to the skin to reduce redness.  It is also naturally high in iodine and fucoidan.  Iodine is helpful in stimulating the thyroid and regulating bodily functions.  Fucoidan also has many beneficial properties including its anti-inflammatory effects and dermal healing.  At The Seaweed Bath Co., we sustainably hand-harvest the Bladderwrack seaweed and use it in its whole form, powderized form and as an extract in all of our Wildly Natural Seaweed products.

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