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Our New Year’s Resolution includes adding in these great nutrients for more radiant skin this season.

The first is Vitamin C. Found in orange juice, goji berries, strawberries and guava, this vitamin helps to strengthen capillaries, reduce free radical damage, and prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Omegas are great for dry skin and work to reduce inflammation and redness.  Flax, hemp, chia and fish oils are all good sources of omega.

Yogurt, coconut and pumpkin seeds are all high in  Zinc.  This nutrient promotes healthier skin by reducing acne and stimulating the Vitamin A production, a necessity for healing damaged skin.

Foods that are high in selenium maintain the elasticity of tissues and protect the cells from damage.  You can find this nutrient in sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, and wheat germ.  An additional benefit of wheat germ is its high Vitamin E content.  This vitamin also heals damaged skin and promotes cellular renewal.

Protein is also very important to every diet.  It is not only essential for building strong muscles, but healthy collagen as well.  Protein shakes are easy to find or yogurt, chia, and hemp are great food sources for this nutrient.

As a snack or in a smoothie-add these superfoods to your menu and see for yourself how amazing your skin can look!

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