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Our New Look!

After working on growing our business for the past four years, our team agreed it was time to find out more about you, our loyal customers. Over the first few months of 2014, we met with, talked to and surveyed our customers around the US. We asked you numerous questions about yourself, as well as about your interaction with our products.

We found that our customers had many common characteristics. You share a love of the ocean and for discovery. When it came to our products, we saw trends in your responses. Your affinity for seaweed and all things that remind you of the ocean, along with our natural ingredients, led to your purchasing decision.

I started The Seaweed Bath Co. with my wife Allison out of our house in 2010. As our company has grown, we have emerged from a bath product only line to a hair care and soap driven brand. Thanks to your spectacular reviews and word of mouth, our Seaweed Argan Shampoos and Conditioners have grown to be a large part of our business.

Given your feedback, we believed we could do a better job of having our label communicate what makes us special.

The Seaweed Bath Co. | Exfoliating Detox Body Soap Old Packing box.First, we changed our logo to emphasize the word “Seaweed”, as we discovered that is what intrigued you initially. Next, we re-wrote our unique story to make it less wordy, more fun and approachable. We then matched our ingredients with symbols so you could easily identify what makes each product unique. Lastly, we chose different ocean scenes as our background to take you to a place of serenity.

Our products and formulations remain the same. What is different is what buying one of our products tells you about yourself. When you dive into our wildly natural seaweed products, they will take you back to your favorite vacation spot or experience where you felt the power and mysticism of the ocean. All of us at The Seaweed Bath Co. are working to bring the hydrating power of the ocean to your bath and shower – everyday.

We greatly appreciate your business and hope that you enjoy our new look!

Kind Regards,

Signature of co-founder Seaweed Bath Co.


Caitlin | Our Natural Heritage

I was just sending your information to a friend and saw that you had rebranded – it is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for explaining your interesting process and Congratulations!

Debi Vanwey

Hi Adam,

I just sent you an email and mentioned your label change, but I hadn’t read this page on your website yet, and now that I have, the change makes complete sense. Many thanks again to you and Allison for all your care and efforts in creating this company so that others can benefit.

Very best,
Debi Vanwey

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