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Our products have helped our valued customers. We invite you to try The Seaweed Bath Co. products today and see the results for yourself.

"My husband has suffered from plaque psoriasis on his scalp his entire life (48 years.) After one week of using your shampoo his scalp is completely clear. He thinks it is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so very much for changing his life."  —Eileen Ferrer

"I wanted to share how much I appreciate your products. I discovered your line when I first developed a condition called Guttate Psoriasis a year and half ago. I developed the skin condition as a result of having bronchitis and a serious upper respiratory infection. I went through light therapy which helped but my skin had become very sensitive and I had constant itching. I started using the unscented line for awhile and it was very soothing. Unfortunately, I had gotten sick again and this time out I developed chronic hives. There was no really good treatment for that except for steroids which are harmful to the skin when used long term. Anything heat related made the hives worse. I switched from unscented to the Eucalyptus and Peppermint body wash, lotion and bath salts. The cooling properties made a huge difference in my comfort level and my skin seemed to calm down. I also love the scent. I am doing better now several months after the initial flare up and while I still have some skin issues these products have made an enormous difference. The bath salts are amazing and immediately calm my skin after a bath. I can't say enough good things about the the body wash and lotion too. I love that your products are so natural and that they are not tested on animals. I am very grateful to have a more natural and effective way to treat my skin without loading up on products with chemicals. Thank you for providing people like me with these wonderful choices. I can't say enough good things about your skin care products and your company!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"—Stacey L

"I have to say I am very excited as the Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath with Argan Oil is drying my flakes, I am SPEECHLESS. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but I already noticed a big difference. Adam my husband and I are very excited. He has been hoping that I could find a way to soothe my red skin with a natural cosmetic product, and we are very hopeful. Thank you!" —Angelica Phillips of El Cajon, California

"I just wanted to reach out to let you know how much I adore your products. I live in South Florida, and the weather (especially as of late) is BRUTAL! Not to mention, I have incredibly long, thick, curly red hair. To say the least, I have a mane that always needs to be tamed....Your products are heavenly! Not only is the formula incredible, but it leaves my hair and body feeling wonderful. OOOOOOO and that smell... A M A Z I N G! I also have very sensitive skin, so when I read all about Adam and his skin troubles, I knew I had to try the body cream. Again, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!...Thank you for creating such an awesome product." - A.Z.

"I was referred your product (maybe a year ago while?) by a girl working a Whole Foods one afternoon when I asked her what I should use to help with my eczema. At the time, my eczema was really bad, to the point where my hands were red and high irritated. Often hands felt like they were burning. I started using your soaps and lotions and was blown away with how well your products work. They are so gentle and mild but have amazing healing properties. I have been using your soaps and lotion faithfully ever since. I just wanted to take some time to tell you thank you and how much I appreciate your products. My skin feels wonderful all the time now!" - Deanna U.

"I want to personally thank you for your products. I cannot thank you enough. I have had palmoplantar psorasis for over 10 years. My condition was worsening by the year. It was to the point where I did not enjoy going out and stayed inside the house more than a normal person. I started studying daily with regards to products, environment, diet and lifestyle. (which went on for 2 years before I found your product) When I started trying your products I saw an improvement within 24 hours. I could not believe it. I took pictures to mark the progress. Two months has passed and my skin is about 75% clear. It is amazing that I was able to find a product that proved more successful than all the other product that I have used over the years, which include OTC and pharmaceuticals. Writing this small thank you note simply does not properly address my gratitude. Please know I show my thanks daily by going outside, feeling happiness and my outgoing self is returning. I no longer shed a tear daily because I am so ashamed of my skin. I am truly thankful for your products. P.S. I would not even consider leaving the house without my body butter."  - Marna Lynch

"During the winter months my husband's skin tends to be REALLY dry and over time have tried many different solutions, all to no avail. I went into our local Whole Foods and after reading many bottles and trying to find something unscented to help dry and sensitive skin, came across your product. My husband has said that using your product is like putting water on a fire. It has brought him TREMENDOUS relief, therefore, know that he is looking VERY forward to the shipment of soap.“ - Sherie Z.

"I decided to try the Seaweed Shampoo and Conditioner (Citrus), and after one use, noticed the shine and fullness being restored to my hair. My hubby also tried these products and his hair is now healthier and fuller than it has been since he began taking his thyroid medication! He has never mentioned liking a body wash product, however, when I purchased the body wash, he told me never to buy anything BUT the Seaweed Body Wash. He loves it! We cannot praise your products enough, and have told family and friends to try them. We love the soft, smooth feeling that the body wash gives our skin. Thank you, Adam!" - Kathy C.

"I have been using Seaweed Bath Co Body Cream for the better part of 2 months, and have found the following positive results: My elbows, that have psoriasis – are much better – though not cured, it keeps it in check – and is the first time I can say that about any of the applications that I have tried – prescription or not. Something that I did not expect – I have used it on my body (stomach, chest and back) where for years I have had in the winter an itchy ‘rash’ that I could not control with anything I tried—it has totally eliminated it.“ —Arnie A.

"I am so in love with your products. I am now using your hand bar soap and shower wash which I also use as a hand soap. My hands so far seem less dry, less cracked and less red than I’ve seen in many years. Your shampoo and conditioner is miraculous in that my grey hair has never looked so good, so shiny, with no frizzies or fly aways and feels so good with little to no itching of my scalp. Your hand and body lotion is the best lotion I have ever used. My body and hands are very soft and smooth with 90% less itching on my body.” —Hilda

"I used the Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath with Hawaiian Kukui Oil and was quickly relieved of body ache and my dry skin left as quickly!" —Lynnae Sutton

"I absolutely LOVE your products. I have thick, wild, unruly (curly) and terribly dry hair and your lovely shampoos and conditioners make it look so much better! I also love the fact that you need only very small amounts to achieve beautiful results. Instead of looking like I just had my head stuck in an oven, my hair now looks alive and well-cared for, people comment on how different my hair looks and I am so happy to be able to make this change, simply by using the Seaweed [Bath] Co. shampoos and conditioners. I am also horrified by what "other" manufacturers put into their products (and the women who happily use those products because their hairdresser recommends them!) I am even more pleased to use formulas which are safe and healthy for my scalp and hair….Thank you for your wonderful products!“ —J.M.

"I love Seaweed Bath Shampoo and Conditioner…it’s saved my head from allergy to other products!“ —Jeanie G.

"My daughter told about the results she was seeing in using your shampoo. She had dandruff, and now it is gone. My husband has had moderate to severe psoriasis for 15-20 years. It has driven him crazy, and it bled whenever he scratched it. None of the medications, either prescription or OTC worked. He has had light treatments, but he does not have the patience to be consistent, and the psoriasis comes right back. He can not use the injections as he is diabetic. He has now been using The Seaweed Company's bath wash, body lotion and body balm for about 2 months. The flakes started to slough off from the very start. Now, normally we see no flaking, and when we do, he puts on more lotion. It is important that he showers and scrubs every day. He still has large semi-rough areas, but more pink than red, and he doesn't look as if he has some terrible disease. He is no longer using any other medications for psoriasis. We are both so thankful for your products." —Paul and Judy Leavitt

"I would like to just say that my hands have NEVER felt this soft!!!!! I am in healthcare & wash my hands ALL day, not to mention the alcohol gel that we use into & out of patients rooms. My friend whose husband works for Central Market, gave me a sample of the hand butter because she knows how often I try new products (prescription & over the counter). I will be buying this from now on....Thank you for sharing your products & story with everyone!" —Lisa DeLaFuente

"I would just like to say thank you! I have really curly hair that is inevitably dry, in all my 27 years I have used all different kinds of conditioners and yours is the first one that actually works with my hair, it's a savior. Keep up the good work." —Jessica Smith

"The Eucalyptus and Peppermint shampoo and conditioner has saved my sanity!! I was diagnosed with eczema on my hands back in June. For 4 months, I stuck with the doctor's treatment plan of a steroid cream, lotions, gloves while washing dishes, etc. While it helped, I still had issues with flare ups--including the spreading of the eczema to my hairline. I knew that I had to do something more. In doing an online search, I found your products and decided to give it a try. After 2 uses (TWO!) the flakiness on my hands and scalp were gone. I am grateful for your products! Thank you!" —Kelley McClure-Mork

"For the past year I've been fighting a losing battle with painfully dry, flaking, burning, itchy skin on the palms of my hands and between my fingers. A month ago...knowing I had nothing to lose, I decided to purchase the body wash and shea butter for my hands. It's been three weeks, and my hands are healed. It's mind boggling. And although there are deep lines left from the dry skin, my hands are soft again for the first time in a long time. No dry skin, no pain, no itching. I began to feel the results within a few days! I cannot thank you enough for bringing this product to the public. I'm so grateful to have found The Seaweed Bath Co....Thank you, thank you, thank you!" —Gracie Harrison

"I received some samples from the local coop today (Willy Street Coop, Madison, WI) and used it on my 3yo daughter tonight. Amazing. Her scalp is flake free (only dry skin here) and smells so good. I can't wait to use it tomorrow. I also bought the hand butter stick, wow, love it. I will certainly be buying more of your product and I'm very grateful it's so reasonably priced." —Jessica

"I suffer from moderate to severe psoriasis. I ordered the body butter in lemongrass scent and absolutely love it! With continued use (of less than a week) I have seen SIGNIFICANT improvement in my skin. I am no longer embarrassed to wear shorts! THANK YOU for creating this product. I am here at the website today to order more!" —Fran Morris

"I don't have any skin diagnosis but love your products. I have recently started using your fresh whole seaweed in the bath. I add Epsom salt and eucalyptus oil. It's the best detox. I feel great afterward. Thanks!" —Bree Leslie

"I have a 4-year old daughter with SEVERE eczema....We got the seaweed bath, and honestly, after 1-2 baths, her skin is 80% better!!! I could've cried! I cannot believe I haven't tried this sooner, I can't believe I was using all these antiobiotics! Thank you so much for putting a product out there that works! I have told everybody that will listen about your product!!!" —Kristin K. of Boerne, Texas

"My skin is dry and I have used many lotions, cleansers and oil but none have come close to keeping my skin flake free like The Seaweed Bath Co. products.The body wash is fantastic, a little goes a long way, followed by the unscented or eucalyptus and peppermint body cream lotion and my skin stays silky and hydrate all day. I am telling everyone I know about this wonderful product line!" —T. Adam of Aptos, California

"I cannot ever express how much this has helped me. I have spent money on every product with no success. I thought for sure this would be another failure but I went from 85% coverage of psoriasis to 10%. Tears are running down my face thinking about it. Thank you so much Adam" —Robin Mills of California

"I went to The Merc in Lawrence, Kansas looking for oilated oatmeal for my husband, who has psoriasis. A young lady that works that works there, highly recommended your product, explaining that her boyfriend had eczema on his hands, he tried it and had wonderful results. I purchased the Citrus Scent Body Wash and the Body Cream for my husband and within a weeks time has seen tremendous improvement. Thank you for such a wonderful product!" —Esther McKinsey of Lawrence, Kansas

"A co-worker of mine, whose husband suffers from VERY severe psoriasis (crusty) all over his body has dealt with every form of cure including transfusions of meds, which has all kinds of side effects.I told his wife to check with People’s Pharmacy and they recommended your products. The baths immediately helped him and he is planning to get the shampoo and body wash. Since it helped him, I decided to try it. I took the body wash and put some on a wash cloth and onto my face. After a couple of days, just about all of my bumps are gone. I will continue to wash my face with your products. Also, thank you for making them reasonable. The prescriptions are very expensive and probably keep many people from getting the help that they need." —Cheryl of Austin, Texas

"I just wanted to thank you. I saw relief in my 6 month-old daughter's face today thanks to your product. I went to People's Pharmacy today in Austin, where they recommended your Hand Butter for my daughter's eczema. She has had red spots on her face as well as redness behind her knees and elbows since she was born. I have tried so many over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed drugs, and nothing! Well, tonight, when my baby was obviously feeling the itching a lot after a bath, I put some of the butter on her red spots, and she immediately stopped crying! She looked so happy, it made me want to cry. I just went online and bought the body bath, lotions, shampoos, and body butter. I am so excited to find a natural way to relief my baby's discomfort." —G. Joseph of Austin, Texas

"I wish I could have taken before and after pictures. My hubby had suffered from dry, itchy, red, scaling, flaking patches on his scalp for many years. After 1 hair wash with Seaweed Citrus Scent Shampoo the itch was gone. And just after 3 hair washes the dry, red, scaling and flaking patches gone. Incredible! I personally been using the Seaweed Lavender Body wash for the eczema on my arms and back, I have noticed a huge difference in just 3 washes. For years we both have tried different products from over the counter to prescribed from Dermatologist for our skin issues. This is the first time we have gotten relief and results. Thank you so much." —M. Shurbet of Round Rock, Texas

"I spoke to you (Adam) last Wednesday and placed my order for the eucalyptus/peppermint bath powder and hand butter...OMG!!! I am in heaven! I loved the tingly, cool sensation that I got from soaking my hands. The moisturizing I got was the neatest thing, and had no greasiness. The fish-scaling type of cracking and bleeding that was on most of my fingertips was almost completely smooth by the next day. I cannot believe what a blessing your product is, and how fast it worked!" —Randi Guran of Phoenix, Arizona

"Dear Adam, My son Felipe has been battling eczema and flaky, scaling skin for years. He is a diabetic and wears an insulin pump. We have tried everything from cortisone creams, to zinc and aquaphor with little success until we tried your product. The immediate results of your Seaweed Powder Bath were astonishing. Felipe went into the bath with red itchy dry scaly skin and came out with incredibly improved smooth soft skin. It was such a relief not to having scratch himself until his skin was raw and such a help for the insulin pump site placement. We have continued using your products and are so happy to have a natural alternative to alleviate his skin sensitivity." —Cathleen Lamar

"I just wanted to drop a note of Thanks! I can't tell you how excited I am that I've found these products. My skin condition went from a patch the size of a drink coaster on my left leg to covering both legs from the knee down, elbows and scalp. Then it started showing on the top of my left hand and I knew I had to find something quick. I'm glad to say that my hand has no signs of it (I've only had the products for a week) and the rest has stopped itching and the redness has greatly dissipated. Thank you, again!!!" —Amber of Wheatland, California

"I was so thrilled with the Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath! After using it I felt like I had been at a spa. I was so totally relaxed. I used to take these wonderful baths in Montecatini, Italy and when I got into the tub with the brown seaweed colored water it reminded me of the mud baths. These products are special!" —Marie Rosen of New York, New York

"My husband, who is possibly the driest and whiniest man on the face of the Earth, hates touching lotion. You should have seen his eyes light up when I took the Wildly Natural Body Butter out of the box!. He said, "I've been meaning to invent that!" THANKS again. And be sure to include in my testimonial that your products can help save marriages too!" —Michelle Cartwright of Omaha, Nebraska

"Received this for Christmas from a friend in Florida. We don't have this product in Louisiana. It is the BEST product I've used for my psoraisis, and I've used it all. My friend got it for me because it has Argan Oil in it, and I have had some success with A.O. on the plaques on my face. This Seaweed Powder Bath is FABULOUS -- Better than Embrel and even powdered milk in bathwater. Thank you, Adam. I'm almost afraid to praise it so highly because I'm afraid the Psoraisis gods will take it away from me. 2011 may be my first relief year in more than 15 yrs. I even lay back in the bathwater and soak my hair, ears, back of my neck, and my scalp, etc. are silky and plaque-free." —Ann W. of Louisiana

"Our sensitive skin turns angry during winter, so we tried this $4.89 lavender soak. It turned the bathwater green, but we were swept away by the relaxing scent. After half an hour, our stress melted away and our skin was soft and smooth. We didn't itch the rest of the day." —Vital Juice, "Under the Sea(weed)"

"Best all over body line for sensitive skin sufferers: The Seaweed Bath Co. My last find of the year is my favorite find. While reading an article about ideas to treat Eczema, which my daughter has occasional bouts with, I stumbled upon a review of a product line called The Seaweed Bath Co. I was intrigued so I put some of the products to the test. Both me and my little girl responded well to the all natural, paraben free and dye free items that include a seaweed powder bath, body wash, hand butter, foot butter and more." —Rachel Harris, Manic Managed Mom, discussing  2010's Best of Beauty on Your Life A to Z

"After the first week of using The Seaweed Bath Co. products, my red skin spots became less noticeable and the itching stopped. After 5 weeks, my flaking, scaling and itchiness all stopped and the redness was dramatically reduced. I wanted to thank you for your tireless effort in producing these products. I will let everyone I know that suffers from flaking and scaling skin to try your products!" —Tina Hossfeld of Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I have never enjoyed taking baths before using The Seaweed Bath Co. products. I truly appreciate the fact that these products are made by someone with psoriasis for people with flaking and scaling skin. As I lay in the tub, absorbing the nutrients, I say this mantra to myself, 'thank you for taking this time to care for your skin and your overall health.' It's such a great feeling to be surrounded by warmth and moisture and natural ingredients, all good for my skin! Thank you Adam, for you have allowed me to finally create my own in-home spa, exactly what every person with who suffers like we do needs! I can't say enough good things. I love The Seaweed Bath Co." —Cristy Boisvert, Co-Leader of San Diego Psoriasis Network & 2010 Walk to Cure Psoriasis Committee

"I am very thankful for these products as they made a BIG difference in my skin. They are not a miracle cure, but they definitely make life more pleasant. Your products are a natural way to break free from an over-medicated world." —Bruce Wolford of Madison, North Carolina

“Flakes...gone! Itchiness...gone! Red skin...still there, but subsided substantially. I wish I took before and after pictures. I am going to need buy a truckload of this stuff!" —Mitch Parney of Los Angeles, California

"Iodine helps cure illnesses and balance Ph levels throughout the body. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, topically applying or bathing in the trace minerals and Iodine found in this seaweed are conducive to healthy skin." —Dr. Aaron Chadwick, Director of Florida Natural Healthcare in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Our cosmetic products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent skin diseases.

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