Ocean-Inspired Rejuvenation

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Of the 25,000+ seaweed species in the world's oceans, we chose organic, sustainably harvested Maine bladderwrack seaweed for its 65+ vitamins and minerals that detoxify, hydrate and protect. You can find this powerful seaweed as a top ingredient in all of our natural, effective products.

Inspired by the sea's restorative properties, we began a personal journey to find a natural solution for a skin condition. We discovered the detoxifying powers of Maine seaweed for all skin types, which is used in our proven, effective formulas. This was our turning point and motivation for starting The Seaweed Bath Co.

Why our customers love us

"I absolutely LOVE your products. I have thick, wild unruly (curly) and terribly dry hair and your lovely shampoos and conditioners make it look so much better! ... People comment on how different my hair looks... simply by using Seaweed Bath Co. shampoos and conditioners." -J.M.